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Our practice has benefited from working on a rich mix of projects; large and small, commercial, social and private, permanent and temporary. For more information on projects we have worked on, please use the expanding list to the right.


We have worked on a number of residential projects at various scales including: single family homes, apartment buildings, restoration and refurbishments, and conversions of warehouses, lofts and barns.

Trevor Square -
Vine Court -
House for an Artist 2011 -
Eversley Park -
Bethnal Green Road -
Umberstone Street -
Calthorpe Street -
Trevor Place 2011 - 2012
Disreali Road 2010 - 2011
Cannon Street Road 2010 - 2011
Brady Street 2010 -
Oaklands Road -
Bethnal Green 2010 -
House in Surrey -
Eglon Mews -
Perryn -
Askew -
Barn Conversion in Kent -
Minerva Street -
Stamford Road -


In the design of office space we aim to create modern, flexible and fun workplaces. We have worked on projects with a range of requirements, from small and specific offices for emerging companies to much larger corporate environments which reflect their branding ethos.

Fallons -
Karmarama -
Varden Street -
Naked Offices -
Rogue Films -
Golden Square -
Channel 4 Identity Department -


We design retail spaces which respond to the unique nature of each brand we work with. We have worked on both permanent and temporary outlets in a range of areas from clothing to health food shops.

Mark Bruce Dance Space -
Jane Norman Outlet -
Hobbs -
Hair Razor -
Organi 2 go -

Art & Exhibition

We have worked on a range of projects relating to the display and production of art. These have included exhibition stands, small galleries, and artists studios.

Peckham Sausage Factory 2011 -
Approach Gallery -
Two Note Gallery -
Brady Street -
Bethnal Green -

Hotel, Bar & Restaurant

ParkerClark have worked on modern hotels and bars as well as refurbishments of traditional pubs and hotels. We have converted industrial buildings into hotels, adapted retail units as restaurants, and restored public houses using traditional building techniques.

Sahara Grill, Leyton -
The Greenwood -
Bethnal Green Road -
The Whitechapel 2010 - 2012
Sahara Grill, Whitechapel 2012
Salisbury Hotel -
Reliance Bar -
Cargo Yard -
Curtain Road -
George Orwell -


In the design of a learning environment we aim to provide high quality spaces which are unique to those using that space. All of our work aims to stimulate the senses, and we believe this is particularly important for learning enivronments.

London School of Economics -
Rainbow Montessori School -
Play Canopy -