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Cannon Street Road

A Residential led mixed-use development within the context of the Myrdle Street Conservation area. Constructed in 2010 on a un-developed site in East London made up of four plots conceived as two separate schemes for two separate clients but constructed together. The proposal involved an innovative and creative solution tying together old and new design concepts, in order to meet today’s needs without damaging the historic nature of the existing street scene.

The scheme provides two commercial units at ground floor with eight residential units above, meeting code for sustainable homes level 3 with an average construction cost of £1150 per msq exclusive of fees and purchase of site.

Designing new buildings in sensitive historic settings can be challenging however we believe that new buildings should appeal to our senses as well as being economically viable, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. As a foil to the neighboring buildings it was decided to use a modern brick type. We looked at how differing brick surface’s absorb and reflect light giving a textural effect, we also looked at how different orientation of the bricks effect the appearance of a façade – vertical bricks were used above the entrance to the residential element to create a vertical emphasis and a ‘pause’ in the horizontal surrounding street scene. The building line was also manipulated to create interest not only to the façade but also to the roofline.

Location: London
Completed: 2010