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Morpeth Road Housing

Competition entry for the Peabody Housing Association.

This scheme addresses the various site conditions and constraints of the site at Morpeth Road in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 11 dwelling units are proposed along the breadth of the site with large amounts of space allocated to neighbourhood activity and the local community. The proposal has been conceived to ensure full access for people with a wide range of disabilities from wheelchair users to those with sensory and learning difficulties. The overall affect of these strategic decisions provides a powerful dynamic linear street scene for community and private living.

Our proposal is based around the concept of counterpoints– a series of perceived solid heavy blocks, defined by a snaking brick wall which follows the elegant curve of Morpeth Road. Strategic voids provide semi private and private spaces, creating defensible boundaries and shared community spaces. This changing boundary interacts with the street in different ways bringing a perceived boundary through the depth of the site. These spaces are topped with a bold, multi-coloured semi- translucent element, that exudes a floating quality through the shimmering facetted façade this is punctuated with large well placed openings, allowing light to the more private aspects of dwelling, alongside affording views in both directions along Morpeth Road.

Location: London
Completed: 2013