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Jersey Street, London

A five story residential block on an infill site in east London, the proposal provides five separate units in a mix of sizes each with their own private outdoor space.

The design maximizes a restricted site creating a series of openings across an east to west axis to provide light and views to each new home. The propositions of the new block are intended to balance those of its neighbours, offering the same robust elegance established in the brick built terraces and industrial buildings of the last century while applying modern construction techniques to ensure high performance. The proposal is intended to both sit comfortably in its environment and contribute positively to the place making of Bethnal Green.

A glass brick block provides a focal point to the design, contrasting its lightness with the weight of the surrounding brick while still maintaining the established brick proportion. The play of light and heavy continues across the elevation as sections of brick are eroded to provide openings and glimpses of light across a variety of brick types and details.

Location: London
Completed: -