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Sahara Grill at The Mall, Dubai

ParkerClark have been asked to create a 130 plus cover restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant uses a rich palette of contrasting textures, tones, and degrees of reflectivity. A single, matte black, monolithic block is placed into the space. It’s presence encloses the body of the restaurant from the mall, as well as creating a focal point that is viewed both within the restaurant space, but also from the mall concourse. As well as acting as a wall it is deep enough to house all of the restaurants functions, leaving the rest of the space free for seating.

From the mall facade a single perforation creates the entrance to the restaurant. This entrance widens as it comes into the restaurant space drawing people in. On the restaurant side there is another perforation in the form of a long gantry to the kitchen and bar. The openings glow an inviting gold and add warmth and scale to the otherwise matte black monolith.

The simplicity and focus on this bold concept is achieved via the treatment of all surrounding surfaces. The flooring is set out on a grid radiating from all sides of the monolith and through its entrance. This draws the eye back to the monolith from all corners of the restaurant.

Tiles are cut into ‘shard’ like forms to abstract the radiating beams. Internally these tiles are expressed in tones that complement the golden glow inside the monolith, whereas outside on the terrace, they are more neutral. The pattern continues up the walls as wall panels expressed with shadow gaps, becoming neutral in colour as they approach the ceiling.

Location: Dubai
Completed: -